Lock Picking Lawyer

You may be familiar with the „Lock Picking Lawyer“ on YouTube. A lawyer whose face is never seen on camera but you sometimes get a blurry reflection in the metal body of lock or shackle or from a piece of packaging. As the name implies, he picks locks.

He is famously known for his opening line „This is the lockpicking lawyer and what I have for you today is …“ and his ending „That’s all I have for you today. If you do have any questions or comments about this, please put them below. If you like this video and would like to see more like it please subscribe; and as always: have a nice day. Thank you.“ While he sometimes skips the „Thank you“ at the end, which I dearly miss.

What’s great about him is that the videos are short and professional, straight to the point, no unnecessary commentary, no fluff, no baiting as well as his funny remarks about product quality that are always respectful but can destroy a lock or a brand nonetheless.

He is also well known for certain phrases (kinda like Bart Simpson with the „I didn’t do it!“) like „… the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made“ which is always a fan favorite.

He has since launched his own brand of lock picking equipment which you can find here: Covert Instruments. The pick that Bosnian Bill and he made can be obtained at Sparrows Lock Picks.

This simple table is my attempt to quickly find information about his videos and – if you are ever in a situation where you need to pick a certain lock – to find the lock, the tools necessary to pick it and see on camera how it’s done and what needs to be looked after.

If it is of benefit to you, godspeed.

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[1]American Lock Series 1100 PadlocksSingle Pin Picking0:57, 0:37, 1:12, 0:35, 0:44, 0:20, 0:30, 0:46, 1:42, 0:47Ten Locks in a RowLink
[2]American Lock Series 748Single Pin Picking, 50.000 Prybar, 18.000 Peterson Standard Hook1:03 and 0:44Picked and Gutted, used signature opening lineLink
[1460]Tri-Best Iron PadlockSingle Pin Picking, Wave Rake, 5 Pin Comb, Shimming, HammerPlastic CoreLink
[3]American Lock Series C70 Shutter LocksSingle Pin Picking, 50.000 Prybar, 25.000 Standard Hook, Comb Pick (5)0:18 and 0:13 sppShame on you, American Lock!Link
[4]Schlage, ArrowSingle Pin Picking, 50.000 Prybar, 25.000 Standard Hook (Schlage), 1:06 Schlage, 0:32 Arrowhard tension for both locks, first challenge (from Subscriber Jeff Moss)Link
[5]custom?Single Pin Picking, 40.000 Peterson Prybar, 25.000 Peterson Standard Hook, Rocked open1:42 spp, 0:02 rockedTexas Jim Challenge LockLink
[1461]Abloy Moomin LockCustom Made Disc Detainer Tool1:35Link
[1462]Global Safe Hotel Safecheap (modified) impressioning key from China0:35can be single lever pickedLink
[1463]Vaultek VS20 Gun SafeThe Pick that Bosnian Bill and I made0:47requires specialized tools so it will most likely keep a curious adolesent outLink
[1464]Master Puck Lock (6271D)six pine comb picked0:02the flaw has been known since the 1930sLink
[1465]Stealth “SwiftVault” 2.0 Biometric Gun Safepiece of wire0:04Link
[1466]Card Lock(1) dimple picking, (2) padlock shim(1) 0:22, (2) 0:03Link
[1467]Honeywell 6110wafer jiggler0:02Link
[1468]Equipment Lock Model CDL-C Cargo Door LockNotch Decoder0:06Link
[1469]MyPin Fingerprint Padlock0:02Link
[1459]Ukrainian Abloy Lock CloneCustom Abloy classic pick (disc detainer)1:08Link
[1458]Burgwächter Profi 116/40top of the keyway tension (40.000 thick turner), single pin picking0:27, 0:18paracentric keyway, spoolsLink
[1457]Rimgard (Assa Desmo Core)2:41Donut Media Challenge, picks counter clockwiseLink
[1470]Curt Trailer Lockwave rake and 40.000th turner, knive tool0:02, 0:01avoidLink
[1456]Zincker Electronic Doorknobwave rake, 50.000th turner0:02Link
[1455]Storefront Locks (Adams Rite style locking hardware)Door Hook0:01Link
[1471]UnicLife Key Cabinet(1) Notch Decoder, (2) Hinge Pin Removal Tool(1) 0:45, (2) 0:15Link
[1472]Retail AutoPegsReasonibly Powerful Magnet0:02Link
[1473]“Reset” Puck Lock(1) 40.000s thick turner, standard hook, single pin picking (2) wave rake(1) 0:15, (2) 0:03Link
[1474]Kaycentop Trailer Coupler Lock(1) shimming, (2) Cross Lock Jiggler(1) 0:20, (2) 0:03Link
[1475]Trimax THP XL Puck Lock6 Pin Comb0:01Link

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